Week 3


Monday: I decided to thaw out some ham and potato soup that I made with soy milk and froze for future use!

Lunch: I had some turkey chili (I also froze some of this previously).
Snacks I’ve basically eaten every day: trail mix, an apple, peppers and cherry tomatoes.
Dinner: a Morningstar tomato basil pizza veggie burger (uh huh, mouthful but delicious), a side of broccoli florets with garlic powder seasoning, and rosemary sweet potato fries (which I burned)…

Lunch: leftovers (mmmmm)
Dinner: organic macaroni and cheese with broccoli floret leftovers.

Lunch: leftover macaroni and cheese & broccoli
Dinner: a salad from Wendy’s (could have done without the chicken).

Lunch: grilled chicken snack wrap (from Wendy’s) then I went grocery shopping!
Dinner: A bowl of cereal.

Lunch & dinner: quinoa stuffed bell peppers (So freaking good).

Lunch: homemade pizza for a birthday party and a little slice of ice cream cake (didn’t care much for).
Dinner: leftover quinoa stuffed peppers (still so freaking good).


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