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And like a bad habit, I’m back again. Two months have passed me by once again. Where does the time go?!

Now that the nice weather is here and it looks as if it will stay, my schedule of activities tend to pick up. I try and make dishes that will last me that way if I have somewhere to go my fresh produce isn’t ruined!

My favorite items lately have been watermelon, pineapple, bananas (always bananas), apples, and carrots. I tend to eat these items everyday!

I wanted to tell you my experience with gluten free noodles and my spiralizer! I made a bag of noodles and tried The Sneaky Chef’s pasta sauce (not bad at all). The only downfall of being a single person and a whole bag of noodles is that the noodles got mushier with each day. (In the future, make noodles as you go and add in the sauce). I also made a fantastic meatless chili with 4 or 5 different beans. I know I said I don’t eat a whole lot of processed foods but I really can’t live without Fritos for my chili! Anywho, I can’t forget about my spiralizer! What a great invention and an investment! I took it back to mom’s with me and made zucchini noodles. They were so fresh and delicious! I highly recommend anyone trying it!

This week I’ll be making my favorite whole wheat couscous with freshly steamed broccoli! Yum!! I can’t wait! Also: I’m including a picture of some amazing chickpea chips Ashley shared with me! If anyone finds these, please let me know!!



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