Wrung Out


It breaks my heart to hear of so many people, struggling, to feel like they don’t deserve to live.
What makes society better than them?
Why does society stick their noses up in the air as if they are so superior?When, sadly, they are all too similar.
The stigma is unbearable and down right unfair.
My brain is like a towel being constantly wrung out.
I keep recycling these thoughts that maybe, just maybe I could be the one who helps save them from theirselves.
It’s difficult to sit here day after day and read of armies of peers, just like me, reaching out for someone to listen.
Just one set of ears to hear the desperation of a friend in need.
Just one set of eyes to read the heart and soul being poured out onto a blank sheet of paper or screen.
Sometimes that’s all one will ever need.
Open your eyes and ears.
And please, please don’t give up on us.



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