Shout Out!!!



I had to get on here and brag about my new clothes.  I ordered two tanks and a pair of socks from my friend, Erica, who started Living Life with Cancer with her son, Wylee.  I cannot express enough how much I adore these guys as they put their heart and soul into everything they do.  They live their life with purpose as all people should!  (Their passion shines through).

If you get the opportunity, order their book.  It’s good for kids of all ages!  While you’re there… check out the full shop!  There are so many great designs and styles!


BUT…. that’s not all!  Erica and Wylee are open to custom designs (they did one for me).  You all may know by now how obsessed I am with donuts.  It makes sense!  The very thing that tried to kill me (my lovely cervix) happens to look like a donut.  Look at this adorable tank:


They even designed these adorable MATCHING SOCKS! Whaaaaat?!


Aren’t they sweet?!  The products are high quality.  The designs are great!  The tanks are soft and comfy.  I can’t get over how nice everything is!

Check them out on Facebook at or check out their website at Living Life With Cancer.

Can’t wait to see you at CancerCon, my friend!


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